I love to play board games. I read a lot of game rules, edit game rules, refine games, design new games, and develop other people’s games. I have developed a 10-week board game design workshop and currently teaching it near Boston, MA. My favorite part of the game design process is refinement. Tightening the gameplay to create a lasting experience. Tightening the rules to create a meaningful experience.

If you want to talk games, I am active on BoardGameGeek (@nothans) and the Board Game Design Forum (@hans).

Board Game Design Workshop

I have developed a 10-week board game design workshop. Here’s the entire course in a 30-minute video.

Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer is an abstract strategy board game for 3-4 players published by Light Fun Games. As the Commander of a battalion of troops, you plan out and execute troop movements to secure objective regions around the game board. Your opponent’s competing troops will cause you to tangle and engage in conflict taking on causalities and slowing your pace to victory. You must anticipate the other players’ strategies by moving with precision and seizing the initiative. Sometimes your position is defensive to block an opponent from an objective and other times you are invading occupied regions to weaken the offensive of another player.

The game mechanics for Divide and Conquer are based on mathematics and game theory, which provides an additional opponent. If you plan optimally, you will not only defeat the other players, but you will also solve the game with a minimal number of movements.

Divide and Conquer Board Game Box