Thank you, Scott Rogers!

Remember Summer of 2020? Yikes, I don’t remember much, but I do have one crystal clear memory. All of the game and comic cons all got cancelled that summer. Everything from San Diego Comic Con to Gen Con were postponed and we all just stayed at home to play games… online. Scott was trying to cheer everyone up within the community and connect with us for what he called, Covid Con 2020! Scott offered up free commissions, a usual practice at the San Diego Comic Con. I commissioned a Rayguns and Rocketships inspired piece of art. Scott promptly created the bespoke watercolor and sent it over to me through the mail. It has been on my curio shelf for the past three summers reminding me of a great moment during the dark times. Thank you, Scott!

Rayguns and Rocketships Commision by Scott Rogers

I first learned about Scott Rogers from listening to the Ludology podcast. Scott Rogers would do a semi-regular segment called the Biography of a Board Game by Professor Scott Rogers. These were some of my favorite segments of the podcast. I always had a picture in mind of Scott rocking a tweed jacket and reading glasses surrounded by many leather bound books. Scott would go deep on a board game and tell its story from the early design and inspiration to the market reception. I sat in my office’s parking lot many times trying to finish the episode even though my commute was over.

In 2019, I was fortunate enough to attend a board game design workshop co-located with BGG.CON. On one of the networking breaks, I heard Scott’s distinctive voice. I turned and walked over to him saying, I just had to say thank you for all that you have given the community. I had Gabe Barrett’s board game design advice book in my backpack and remembered that Scott wrote a chapter on game design in it and shared his best advice for new game designers. I asked Scott to sign the chapter. Shameless.

Scott Rogers Signed “Board Game Design Advice from the Best in the World” Book

Turns out that Scott was at the Tabletop Network design workshop to give a lecture on horror themed board games, so I got to learn from the professor himself. Scott would go on to design the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Board Game based on the iconic film from 1974.

Again… Thank you, Scott Rogers. You have given a lot to our community. I appreciate your contributions and inspiration over the years. I wish you well.

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