Find Your Trademark BBQ

Hans Scharler with brisket

My name is Hans Scharler, and I am on a journey toward discovery. I first got introduced to authentic BBQ over 20 years ago while on a work trip. I explored the finest BBQ joints in the United States and learned tips and tricks along the way. I learned what cuts, styles, and flavors that I like. In 2015, my wife got me a smoker for Christmas. She wanted me to try it since I talked about barbecue so much. She got me a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker (affiliate/direct). I picked up the book Low & Slow 2 (affiliate/direct) and started learning everything I could. Now, I make my own sauces, rubs, and recipes. I am a member of many online communities, answer questions, post photos, and encourage others to keep going.

My challenge to myself is what Trademark BBQ is all about. My challenge is to find my trademark. What will make my BBQ stand out amongst the crowd? What is my signature? How would you know it was my BBQ? I will use this space to chronicle my journey, share what I learn, and add something to the BBQ community.

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BBQ Copilot

I created a custom GPT for OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus subscribers. The BBQ Copilot is now available on the GPT Store. Use the BBQ Copilot to help you learn, refine, and level up your BBQ game.

BBQ Copilot answering “What are some creative rub and flavor ideas?”


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