About Hans Scharler

Husband. Father. Inventor. Comedy Writer. Game Designer. Dancer.

Hans Scharler at Laugh Boston

I am curious about things. I like to learn new things and I love building communities around those things. If I had to sum up what I am or what I do. I invent things, create games, make BBQ, write comedy, and build communities.

Founder of ioBridge / Light Fun Games / Trademark BBQ

Creator of ThingSpeak / @MyToaster / CheerLights

I created the first Internet of Things community and grew it to over 500,000 developers around the world. I love to make connections with people and ideas. Community is my sweet spot.

“I am not sure what I am doing, but I do a lot of things.”

Hans Scharler

If you want to connect, send me a message or link on Twitter / LinkedIn / Angel / GitHub / MATLAB Central / Google Scholar / Board Game Geek / IMDb.

Selected Press

Community Industry Award 2022 Nominee

Hans Scharler is a Community Industry Award 2022 nominee as a top Developer Relations Community Professional for his work with MATLAB developers at GitHub and the MathWorks Community, MATLAB Central.

Top IoT Influencer

As a Software Developer at ioBridge and active speaker, and developer (including having over 800 people following his toaster on Twitter) in the Internet of Things space Hans Scharler is someone to watch as he sits on the interesting intersection of DIY’ers and corporate products.

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A man in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has rigged his toaster to tweet “Toasting” or “Done Toasting” with each use, and — despite the account’s lack of variety — has gained more than 2,000 followers.

In order to further connect us with our possessions, Scharler and his friend Jason Winters created a platform for developers called ThingSpeak — a sort of Twitter for things — that lets objects send messages, broadcast their location, graph their temperature, and more.

Jacob Davidson / Time
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“Tweeting appliances speaks to this whole ‘internet of things’ idea,” says Hans Scharler, a tech consultant who also writes comedy material. “If your appliances were outputting information, it can always go to a database. But we love to share information. So why not find a way to do that?” Scharler found online fame for his twittering toaster, whose tweets alternate between “toasting” and “toast is done.” @mytoaster has about 200 twitter followers.

Priya Ganapati / Wired