How a Bald Guy Handles Haircuts During the Stay-at-Home Order

I keep seeing people post on social media about their hair getting out of control after several months of staying at home due to the global pandemic. Also, I have discovered TikTok.

I have been bald for over 20 years, so my haircare options are quite limited. I do my own “haircuts” every 2-4 weeks. For my wedding, I did splurge and used a barbershop. I wanted the full pampering experience, although, the experience lasted about 20 minutes. Hair washing took the longest amount of time.

The stay-at-home order has not impacted my hair care lifestyle. I decided to use TikTok as my platform to share my experience during the COVID-19 lockdown. Maybe others can relate. The struggle is no struggle.

New Episode of The NotHans Podcast

Have you checked out my podcast lately? I started one back in 2008 and have faithfully produced episodes and have been your voice of reason in this chaotic world.

On my latest episode, I invite George to co-host with me. He was drawn to my glowing new microphone in my office. I recently bought the HyperX QuadCast to refresh my old set up. George loved the red LEDs illuminating the pop filter.

After a few minutes of making sounds and talking gibberish, I decided to record a new episode of The NotHans Podcast. George was an excellent co-host. He was rolling with the conversation and even told a joke. You have to check it out.

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Billy West at Boston Comic Con!

I got to meet Billy West at the Boston Comic Con 2017! If you don’t his name, you probably know his voice. He has voiced a lot of characters from some of my favorite cartoons, everything from The Ren & Stimpy Show to Futurama.

I have always been fascinated watching Billy West in action. Check out his segment on Penn’s Sunday School to get a sense of his extreme versatility and voice talent.