Found My Lucky Coffee Cup: The Pittsburgh Steelers Get a Win

I found my lucky coffee cup last week and the Pittsburgh Steelers got a win against the Denver Broncos. You’re welcome Steeler Nation!

Lucky Pittsburgh Steelers Cup

This got me wondering about some things. I am mostly a rational person. I believe in the scientific method yet I believe my actions leading up to a football game somehow influence the outcome of a game. That is irrational… or is it?

Double-slit Experiment Meme (aka The Best Meme Ever)

The double-slit experiment demonstrates that light and matter can display characteristics of both classically defined waves and particles depending on observation. The observer is somehow influencing the photons in the experiment. Maybe there is something to my lucky cup or maybe humans really love finding patterns.

The 2021 NFL football season has returned with stadiums full of cheering fans. Do NFL Fans Really Affect Games? The Seattle Seahawks believe so much in their fanbase that they call them collectively, “The 12th Man”. The sound generated by this crowd reached sound levels louder than a jet engine.

So, who’s to say? But, get your act together, find your lucky tokens, watch your favorite teams, and enjoy the game. It feels much more fun being involved and connected to the outcome. Cheers.

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