Brent Forrester’s TV Comedy Course

Everyone has a few extra hours a week… right? If I do a little less YouTube watching and a little less fantasy football, I can fit in Brent Forrester’s TV Comedy Course. This webinar asks me to invest four hours per week for six weeks. The first class starts September 17, 2022. See you there!?

Here’s an outline of Brent Forrester’s TV Comedy Course:

What sold me?

I happened to upon Brent Forrester’s talk from the WGFestival 2021: Fundamentals of the Comedy Pilot. It was a motivating session and compelled me to look closer at Brent Forrester’s method for TV comedy.

Fundamentals of the Comedy Pilot

About Brent Forrester

Brent Forrester won his first Comedy Writing Emmy at age 25 for his work on “The Ben Stiller Show.”  He went on to write for “The Simpsons,” helped launch “King of The Hill,” and was a writer, producer, and director at NBC’s “The Office” for seven seasons.  He’s written for “Late Night with Conan,”  HBO’s “Mr. Show,” and “The Larry Sanders Show,” and continues to work as a Head Writer on Netflix shows like Judd Apatow’s “Love” and Steve Carrell’s “Space Force,” along with Amazon shows like Greg Daniel’s “Upload” and “People of Earth.” 

When Brent was running the Writers Room at “The Office,” he began developing a system to get a script from “concept” to “shooting draft” in three weeks.

Part of my journey

I will share my journey as I take the comedy writing class. I am not sure if I will write a TV comedy pilot, but I am furthering my commitment to write every day. I identified as a writer for about 10 years and realized that I wasn’t writing very much. About three years ago, I changed that. I started writing every day no matter what. Sometimes I wrote jokes or philosophical musings, but I wrote something. I also committed to blogging here every week. I am not writing for an audience, I am just making writing a habit.

Writing is hard.

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