Pinball Mods: New Translucent Flipper Buttons for the Stern Iron Man Pinball Machine

I’ve been playing my Iron Man pinball machine a lot lately and just started noticing a difference in the feel of the flipper buttons. The best I could describe the change is that the buttons felt mushy. These buttons get a lot of work. I started looking around for replacement buttons and came across translucent flipper buttons on Marco Specialties. The stock buttons on Iron Man pinball are opaque red buttons. A quick mod to upgrade the look of your pinball machine is to replace the stock flipper buttons with translucent flipper buttons. As you can see, the change is striking.

Flipper Button Comparison: Translucent Red vs. Opaque Red

To make this mod, you must disassemble your pinball machine to get access to the flipper buttons. First, open the coin door and release the lockdown bar latches. Then, pull out the lockdown bar, and carefully slide out the playfield glass. Lift the playfield up and rest it on the backbox. Just take your time. If something feels caught, slowly reverse your steps and start again.

Loosen the nut that holds the flipper button. I recommend that you use an adjustable monkey wrench to grip the edges of the nut. Twist out the old button and insert the new one. Replace the nut and enjoy your upgraded flipper buttons.

Flipper Button Assembly Inside Pinball Machine

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