Week One Fantasy Football – Start Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts? Let’s see if ChatGPT can help me decide.

I got into a sticky situation with my Fantasy Football team. I have both Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. I didn’t particularly draft well for other positions and got stacked at the QB position. Arguably, these are the two best quarterbacks in the NFL and finished 1st and 2nd last year, respectively. I can only start one during week one. It is a close call, and I need ChatGPT to help me decide and push the decision one way or another. Ugg. All of Fantasy Football is about making 50/50 decisions.

I started by pasting in the fantasy football projects for week one. Mahomes is facing the Lions with a point projection of 22.46 points. This is based on last year’s matchup, but ultimately, this is what FantasyData.com wants to project. Mahomes will be without Travis Kelce, the league’s best Tight End and Patrick’s go-to option. Philadelphia’s Jalen Hurts looks ready to go. He has everything stacked in his favor and is behind Mahomes in the projects with a modest 22.28 points. ChatGPT processed the data that I pasted in and let me know that it understood what I gave it for context.

ChatGPT Processing Fantasy Football Data

Next, I am going to try to figure out which way to go. In my guide for using ChatGPT to win fantasy football, I mentioned using any additional context that you can give ChatGPT to help you make a decision. I realized that Hurts was going to play New England, in my backyard, and I know that it is supposed to rain over the weekend.

I found the weather predictions, pasted them into ChatGPT, and asked the AI to help me decide between the QBs with this additional information.

The weather forecast for the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Detroit Lions game on Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 8:20 PM ET is partly cloudy with a low around 63 degrees. The predicted daytime high is 88 degrees, and the nighttime low is 63 degrees. The forecast also calls for a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after 7 PM. The chance of precipitation is 20%. The winds are predicted to be around 8 mph.

Google Bard about the weather for the Chiefs home opener

The weather forecast for the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots game at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA is mostly cloudy with a high near 80 degrees. There is a 40% chance of precipitation, with a 88% chance of rain and a 53% chance of thunderstorms. The projected daytime rain accumulation is 0.26 inches. The rain is expected to slow down during the first half and dissipate by halftime. The rain is expected to continue throughout the afternoon.

Google Bard about the weather for the New England game

Of course, it was going to be cruddy in New England. As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I wouldn’t put it past Bill to have some control over the weather. He had complete control over the Steelers for two decades.

ChatGPT did factor in the weather, but weighted skill and past performance higher. ChatGPT said Mahomes was a lock even without Kelce.

Mahomes seems to have the better weather conditions, which are generally more favorable for a passing game. Hurts is facing potentially trickier weather conditions, although if the ground game becomes more important due to the weather, his rushing ability could be an asset.

ChatGPT assessing Mahomes or Hurts based on weather forecasts

Why Am I Spending So Much Time With ChatGPT and Fantasy Football?

I am using Fantasy Football as a way to learn more about how to leverage ChatGPT and learn as much as I can about its limitations, what’s possible with prompt design, and how data can be used in large-language models. I will get back to blogging about important applications of Generative AI, but feel free to use what I am doing with fantasy football for your hobby. You should be thinking about how to apply this technology to your interests. Let me know what you try and what you learn. Let’s explore this together.

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