Elton John Pinball by Steve Ritchie (and Mark Seiden, Design Apprentice)

Elton John pinball game review: It’s just gorgeous in all ways.

Elton John by Jersey Jack Pinball

The legendary pinball designer Steve Ritchie joined Jersey Jack Pinball in 2021 and was given the Elton John theme. Along with design apprentice Mark Seiden, it took Steve three years to deliver a new pinball machine with Steve’s trademark flow. The game is gorgeous. The light show is spectacular. The music is quite impressive. Everything comes together to create an immersive pinball experience. Butter smooth.

Steve Ritchie and Mark Seiden

I got to play the Elton John pinball game on the Pintastic livestream. No pressure. This is the Collector’s Edition version of the machine with a disco light topper.

Hans Scharler Playing Elton John Pinball at Pintastic 2024

My favorite part was starting the Crocodile Rock multiball!

The soundtrack is perfect. I forgot that Elton John did a famous version of The Who’s Pinball Wizard. When that sound started, it got me going.

Elton John – Pinball Wizard

So, find the Elton John pinball game on PinballMap, drop a few quarters, and enjoy. You’re welcome.

Update: April 20, 2024 – Setting the High Score

I didn’t get enough of Elton John Pinball by Jersey Jack Pinball at Pintastic, so I took my advice and found an on-location machine on PinballMap. I found an excellent spot and played it for a couple of hours. I set the high score at 832,628,500 points. I found some cool combos, multiballs, and moments along the way. I still love this one! This is the second-highest score that Pinside has recorded for EJ.

Elton John Pinball High Score

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