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Dear Hans,

It has been a long journey so far. I write this message to you, now, though, you might not be ready for its message. You are a striver and entering a tough part of your life.

Happiness as We Age – From nxthompson on Twitter (And, yes, it is a photo of a slide)

You keep expecting to be better at that thing that you are awesome at, but you are realizing that you are not getting better. You are getting unhappier with that realization. You are not going to invent a new field again. But, you can find your second act, your next strength. You can cut away and find your next self. You can be happy if you continue to build strong relationships with the people you love.

When you are ready, watch Arthur C. Brooks and Lori Gottlieb on Happiness, Music, and Therapy.

And, put these points into practice in your second act:

  1. Get on your second curve
  2. Chip away the jade
  3. Tend to your roots

Your friend,


Be like Bach.

Glenn Gould Talks About the Art of Fugue and Johann Sebastian Bach


  1. Chromaticism that … never comes to rest in any one key…leaves the extraordinary impression of an infinitely expanding universe

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