How to sleeve the investigator cards in Arkham Horror: The Card Game

A.B.H. Always Be Hacking.

Sometimes you get an idea. Sometimes you figure something out on your own. In this case, I saw a comment on a Reddit thread on sleeving the Arkham Horror: The Card Game cards. Someone mentioned that the investigator’s card has the same height as the width of a regular card: 2.5″ (63.5mm).

My goal was to find a mini card sleeve for my investigator cards. Fantasy Flight Games provide sleeves for regular cards and mini cards. The regular-sized card sleeves have a myriad of styles and colors, while the mini sleeves come in one style: clear.

The standard Arkham Horror LCG card size is 2.5″ x 3.5″ (63.5mm x 88mm). The Arkham Horror investigator card size is 1.625″ x 2.4″ (41mm x 63mm). 

I like to use the solid color sleeves for my player cards and have the colors match the character classes:

  • Guardian: Blue
  • Seeker: Orange / Yellow
  • Rogue: Green
  • Mystic: Purple
  • Survivor: Red
  • Neutral: Gray

I have been creating a character and deck of cards for Jenny Barnes, a rogue class. The main class of cards have a green border, so I want to use green-backed card sleeves. I have never been able to find green-backed mini card sleeves, so I decided to make my own out of larger green sleeves.

Follow these steps to make your own investigator sleeves from full-sized card sleeves:

  • Get some full-sized sleeves. I like the consistency and quality of the sleeves from Fantasy Flight Games and BCW.
  • Insert the investigator card into the sleeve rotated 90 degrees
  • Trim the excess sleeve with a sliding paper cutter. I prefer the Cricuit or Fiskars paper trimmers.

I love the results. I hope this hack saves you some time or money. Well, maybe not that, but at least your investigator’s sleeve will match your player card sleeves!

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