From Drawing to Doll: George’s First Creation Comes to Life

One of the regular activities at our house is to draw on paper with markers. My five-year-old son also likes to join in and fill large blank sheets of paper with doodles. Over the last couple of years, the drawings got significantly more connected to ideas that he had in his head. George went from random lines and shapes and colors into an organized, connected drawing using lines and shapes and colors. One day, George drew a creature. All of the marks were deliberate as he constructed a creature from his previous drawings. He had this idea and he created it. This blew my mind.

George’s First Creature: Drawing

I was really excited about George’s milestone. I wanted to capture the achievement and turn his drawing into a creature. I found a website called, Make My Plush. They take any drawings and make stuffies. First, you send the drawing to make sure that they can make a stuffed animal out of it. Once they confirm your order and then you wait. Wait. Wait. And, then you get an email showing you how they will make the plush. Wait a little longer. And, finally, you get a shipping notice and have the bespoke stuffie in your hands.

George’s First Creature: Plush

I really love how the creature turned out. They paid attention to all of the little details and brought the drawing to life. George was thrilled with the result. His only complaint was the smile. George’s creature had a frown and the plush had a smile. George noticed this right away and we now call this thing the happy creature. This was a neat experience. My only complaint was the length of time. I am getting so used to how fast things get here after ordering. This whole process took over six weeks.

Doll and Drawing Comparison

I recommend Make My Plush for all of your custom plush needs. Check out their gallery on Instagram for inspiration. You can choose the size and color options that affect the price and the reproduction. Let me know if you try this out!


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