Big News from Arduino: Arduino Lab for MicroPython

Arduino Lab for MicroPython is a lightweight editor for MicroPython programs, supporting connection with a board, code upload, file transfer, and an interactive REPL shell.

Arduino Lab for MicroPython

I have been exploring MicroPython ever since I got a Raspberry Pi Pico W. The community is moving fast and making more and more examples and libraries for MicroPython. Having the Arduino team lean into making the Arduino Lab IDE for MicroPython is a good indicator where things are headed. I was able to build an awesome CheerLights display using MicroPython running on a Raspberry Pi Pico W connected to a Pimoroni Galactic Unicorn PED panel.

CheerLights + Raspberry Pi Pico W + MicroPython

Consider Arduino Labs for MicroPython as pre-release, experimental software. Things are moving fast and the project will stabilize. Follow the project on GitHub and file any problems that you come across on GitHub Issues.

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