I Am Right! Am I Right?

I got into an argument with someone close to me. I was right. We never really reconciled but we apologized to each other. During the apology, I pushed it a little further to make sure they knew I was right. This only led to further arguing and I realized I wasn’t really sorry. I was right about what we were arguing about.

Left and Right Brain

Here’s what learned while I reflected on this unfortunate argument. I not only had to be right, but I also had to have confirmation that was right. It wasn’t good enough to be right. I had to win the argument and get the other side to confirm my rightness (or is it righteousness?).

Here’s what I am taking away from this experience… sometimes you gotta be right and be the only one who has to realize that. Doing the right thing more often is how you win. I hate learning life lessons.

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