Forget About 5G Conspiracy Theories. They Will All Be Incompatible with 6G.

6G wireless technology will be here by 2030. No matter what you think about 5G and its implication with conspiracy theories and/or mind control, any radio made with 5G will be rendered obsolete by the end of the decade. Things are moving fast with technology and it has to. In order to keep up, you have to scale. New formats. More nodes. More services. More streaming. More selfies. More megapixels. More people. More people. More people.

World Population since 10,000 BCE

Also, think of that drawer full of electronics. I have several around my house. A graveyard of once perfectly happy, functional devices. Now, they are dead. They don’t have a network. They don’t have a functional battery. They don’t have the right cables to make them work. They have been rendered obsolete simply with the passage of time.

So, if any conspiracy theory involves a certain generation of technology, they also have to take into account the upgrade path to the next generation. And, maybe, it’s less about mind control and disease, and more about getting people to buy new things to get new services.

Magic and Technology

I did have a thought about the intersection of magic and technology. The third law of Clarke’s three laws states, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I grew up being led to believe that Santa Claus delivers toys to every *good* kid on Christmas Eve. And, I just ordered a Space Shuttle toy for my son using one-day delivery. We are toilet training my son and I let him pick out a present for doing all of the right business at the right time. It will arrive tomorrow. This is basically magic. With each passing year, Amazon is turning the Santa Claus legend into a real thing. The funny thing about technology is that it appears to be magical and at the same time it reinforces our believe in magic. Humans.

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