Bo Burnham: Inside on Netflix Review – Art is Not Dead

I am late to the party on this one. Every few months, I question my subscription to Netflix. I completely forget about Netflix and then declare that I am canceling. I then open the app to check out the recommendations and to see what’s trending. Dammit. There is always something that gets me to watch for a little while and then completely forget about Netflix… until the next time.

Netflix correctly recommended Bo Burnham: Inside. I watched it start to finish. Each segment kept me interested in what he was going to do next. Inside is considered a comedy special. I am going to call this art. After having watched it, Inside has stuck in my brain. There are some catchy tunes (that have taken TikTok by storm), but the ideas here are compelling and Bo’s use of this one room, one person, one person show is absolutely special.

Bo Burnham: Inside

Art is Not Dead

We have all gone through a lot in the past years. Bo Burnham: Inside reminds me that art is born from struggle. Bo’s masterpiece was shot in one room with one person. Bo created this art out of necessity. The world closed down and Bo Burnham went inside, went inside himself, and created Inside. He would not have created this special under any other circumstance. He probably aged 5 years over the course of producing this special.

I was surprised by the different scenes and sense of depth behind the work. Bo used the one room in all angles. He used lights. He used music and silence. He used different lenses and created layers of meaning with his words and perspective. And, there are jokes.

If you watch one segment, I recommend, “Welcome to the Internet“. Bo captures the internet and all of its absurdity and utility. Enjoy.

Bo Burnham: Inside – Welcome to the Internet

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