My 2022 in Review: Not Good, Not Bad

I had a weird year. I spent a month with my dad in his final days. I really appreciate what my partner did for me so I could be with my dad and focus on spending time with him. Looking back at 2022, I would not have guessed that I would have been away for a month and traveling so much. I didn’t travel at all in 2021.

A Look Back at 2022

My weight is slowly creeping back up. I have gained about a pound per month. I was in far less control of my time and diet and resorted to fast and easy food. This has caught up to me. I will tighten it back up.

I was able to keep up my blogging streak. I have been blogging on various sites once a week for many years. I also kept up with my writing commitment of writing once per day for an hour. This started off very difficult and then became a habit. Writing is a struggle and we get to choose our struggles. I could be struggling with something worse. I will continue writing into the new year.

Things that I cooled off on this year… buying board games, doom scrolling, and reading the news.

For some reason, I bought a new computer. It is a killer machine, but all I do with it is write in Final Draft, Word, PowerPoint, and Chrome. Well, at least I have just the right amount of RAM for my many Chrome tabs: 64GB.

My best purchase was a Canary Box Cutter. George and I love making things with cardboard and sometimes your tools matter. The Canary gives you a lot of control and makes it easy to cut through boxes. The blade is serrated and coated with a non-stick Fluorine coating. I bought a bunch of these and put them around the house. They make a short-blade version that we use to open our constant online orders.

How was your year? What are you going to work on next year?

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