You Can See the Earth Move Thanks to a Seismograph Board for the Raspberry Pi

I have been blogging about IoT and M2M for just about 15 years. In that timeframe, a lot of things happened. Nothing more significant than the rise of single-board computers ushered in by the Raspberry Pi 10 years ago. Since the Raspberry Pi’s release, people have been making addon boards for almost any application you can think of. I use a bunch of the tiny computers around my house for various projects: I run a whole arcade machine, a home automation server, and a monitor for network activity to name a few.

Recently, my college at MathWorks, Christopher Stapels, introduced me to the Raspberry Shake. The”shake” is a personal seismograph that laterally allows you to watch the Earth move and the things that cause the earth to move.

Raspberry Shake: Your Personal Seismograph

Christopher went on to collaborate with Alan Kafka at Weston Observatory, Boston College, and Jay Pulli at Raytheon to explore traffic data analysis using seismic data collected by the Raspberry Shake and sent to ThingSpeak.

Live Seismic Traffic Monitoring with ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and Raspberry Shake

The team explored the data using MATLAB and tried to establish some correlation between vibration and traffic density. Check out the project on the MathWorks IoT Blog. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.

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