Updates to the CheerLights IoT Project: Node-RED, JavaScript, Twitch, and Discord

Over the past couple of weeks, we have made some updates and upgrades to the CheerLights IoT project. The changes expand the supported IoT platforms and make some slight changes to how tweets are handled.

CheerLights is an Internet of Things project where lights are synchronized to the same color. The color is controlled by anyone using Twitter. Just send a tweet to @CheerLights and mention a color name and this will set the colors of all of the lights connected to CheerLights. Learn more at CheerLights.com.

New Backend System

CheerLights is now running a Node-RED flow process matching tweets. This system takes the text from the tweets and looks for color names. If any match the supported colors, the flow sends the color to ThingSpeak, Adafruit IO, and CheerLights MQTT using MQTT.

Node-RED Backend For CheerLights

JavaScript Library and Web Widgets

To make it easy for web developers to join the CheerLights project, we released a JavaScript Client Library for CheerLights on GitHub. We also made some web widgets that you can use to show the latest CheerLights color on a web page.

CheerLights Live Stream on Twitch

I am streaming a CheerLights display on Twitch. You can use the live stream to see if your CheerLights display is staying in sync with your display. I am streaming some lo-fi music along with some animations. I will change it up after the holidays.

CheerLights Community on Discord

The CheerLights team has set up a Discord Server to talk about our plans and share news of the project. You are welcome to join, ask questions, and share your projects. People of all skills are welcome!

CheerLights is Building a Community on Discord

Together we can build the world’s largest network of synchronized lights.

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