The ‘Everything is a Remix’ Series Has Been Remixed

In some ways, I hope this is the first time that you are hearing about the series, Everything is a Remix. When I was first introduced to the theory, it had a profound impact on me and how I approached my startup company. I made radical changes to our marketing, feature roadmap, and our community plan. I wish I could go back and have a my mind blown again. I can get pretty close to it. The creator of Everything is a Remix, Kirby Ferguson, is remixing Everything is a Remix. Kirby is bringing the series up-to-date with what’s happen with TikTok and meme culture as well as refreshing the production, the flow, and making the content accessible to a larger audience.

Everything is a Remix Meme

The Everything is a Remix series will be released in parts like the original on YouTube. This week Kirby Ferguson dropped Part 1 and it is brilliant.

Everything is a Remix 2021 Part 1

If you want a quick introduction to the everything is a remix theory, check out Kirby Ferguson’s TED Talk: Embrace the Remix. This will help you get introduced to the core ideas and to see if you want to learn more. Enjoy!

Embrace the Remix TED Talk by Kirby Ferguson

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