I Want This MathWorks T-Shirt: MATLAB Central Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

The MathWorks Community, MATLAB Central, launched back in September 2001. It’s awesome to look way back and see the origin of the community. MATLAB Central emerged as an extension to the vibrant MTLAB Usenet newgroup. The site launched with a coding content and now 20 years later, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary with a coding contest!

MATLAB Central Back In 2001

The coding contest is all about using 280 characters or less of MATLAB code to show off an interesting and beautiful image. We will be displaying all of the images allowing folks to remix the code and make new ones. As part of the celebration, MathWorks will be donating up to $20,000 to the humanitarian aid organization, Direct Relief, based on participation. Along with the support of Direct Relief, we will be giving winners a custom MathWorks shirt. I WANT THIS SHIRT!

MathWorks Code Contest Shirt

Check out the MathWorks Community Contests at MATLAB Central. Follow along for news and updates. And, if you win, show off your t-shirt.

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