Review Tuesday: Cellar Door Coffee Roasters – Portland, OR

Buy local… online.

I have made a lot of coffee over the past year. I enjoy fresh roasted coffee and I like trying new ones. I always feel, “What’s the worst that could happen?” If it is not a great cup, I just make another. Change something and try again. I have the time right now.

Cellar Door Coffee Roasters

I am always looking for coffee roasters around the United States. When I traveled a lot, I tried out new roasters based on some minimal research. Part of the fun was discovering something new. I moved my search online. Through some circuitous channels I found Cellar Door Coffee Roasters in Portland, OR. “Roasted, brewed and served with love.”

Cellar Door Coffee Roasters: Big Shot Blend

I bought two 12oz bags of whole beans: Mexico Chiapas Organic and Big Shot Blend. Big Shot lives up to its name. Its bold but packed full of flavor. The Mexico Chiapas is velvety smooth, nutty, and berry. I recommend either for your morning ritual. For pour over, I found that I had to go finer on the grind. My normal grind setting resulted in a fast and thin extraction. The finer grind allowed the brewing to slow down and extract more of the flavors.

What’s your favorite local coffee roaster? Let me know. I am always looking to try new ones out and support local businesses… online.

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