Pinball Art: Meeting Brian Allen at PinFest 2021 in Allentown, PA

I had a last-minute road trip to PA to see my nephew and friend that is having a baby. I had one day to drive 1,000 miles and get back home. I stopped at a coffee shop, a BBQ festival, and a pinball festival all along my journey. PinFest 2021 was going on at the Allentown Fairgrounds.

I showed up rather late to PinFest, paid the $20 entry fee, walked around the floor, and the power went completely out. While I was browsing, I noticed some original pinball art by Brian Allen of Flyland Designs. Brian has a humorous, quirky, and odd style that lends itself well to pinball, custom back glass, and poster art.

Brian Allen and Hans Scharler at PinFest 2021
Brian Allen and Hans Scharler at PinFest 2021

Brian did the poster for the event. He made 50 prints and got number one signed and numbered! The poster has a lot of detail that you discover as you take a closer look. I particularly like the fusion of styles, the planets, and the iconic shine of a pinball.

Thanks, Brian, for bringing your art to PinFest. I hope to see more of your work in the coming years.

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