New Feature in Microsoft Teams Calls Out My Snacking Habit

Microsoft Teams rolled out a new feature that detects if you are talking while on mute. This feature called out my snacking habit as I was *loudly* eating potato chips during a meeting.

Caught Snacking On Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams now detects if you are talking while you are on mute. This is a handy feature as we all have probably experienced with online meetings over the past year. Someone goes to start talking and the others on the meeting don’t hear anything.

“You’re on mute!”

Online meeting participants

Teams pops up a message on your screen to tell you, “You’re muted.” I hope this new feature shaves off a few seconds of embarrassment for you and I.

After giving some feedback in a meeting, I put myself on mute to enjoy a snack. I discovered the mute feature while crunching away on the chips. I was making a lot of noise, mouth open. When we return to the office, I have a lot of habits that I have to readjust. I wouldn’t have done this in a conference room with a bunch of people watching a PowerPoint with a lot of focus. And, even if I would have, I probably would snacked quieter, mouth closed. I can hear my mom’s advise echoing in my head. It will definitely be an adjustment going back to work, being in the same room with other humans, starring at a larger screen together instead of being alone starring at a smaller screen.

What other Microsoft Teams features should exist to help with habits?

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