Listening to Podcasts at Home

My podcast consumption habits changed drastically since March 2020. I used to listen to podcasts everyday. With the stay-at-home / work-from-home situation, I didn’t listen to a podcast for over a year. My friend started a new podcast, Searching for SaaS, in February 2021 and that reignited my podcast listening habit.

Listening to Podcasts

When I loaded up my podcast app on my phone this month, the app started downloading around 400 episodes of the podcasts that I missed over the year. I realized that I will never be able to catch up. I uninstalled the app, cleared the cache, unsubscribed, and started over. This time around, I am going to be deliberate with what I am going to listen to and when. I am not commuting, so now, I am listening to podcasts on walks instead of music. I have also been listening to episodes during my early morning coffee before the family wakes up. I used to watch YouTube clips sometimes deliberately, most times mindlessly.

I recommend three podcasts: Searching for SaaS, Masters of Community, and Board Game Design Lab.

Searching for SaaS

The Searching for SaaS podcast is a “fresh perspective on the stages of building a SaaS business” hosted by Josh Ho and Nate Bosscher, two founders in different stages of their SaaS journey.

Searching for Saas podcast

I enjoy listening to Josh and Nate share their thoughts on topics related to their experiences while building Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies and products. Josh and I still talk once a month after meeting over 20 years ago at an internship. Even though we talk on a regular basis, I have learned new things about Josh’s latest project, Referral Rock, and how it got off the ground. In Episode 5, Nate and Josh talk about MMVP – Minimum Minimal Viable Product. The topic came about after I listened to their first episode and I sent in some feedback. Josh shared an early story of Referral Rock and that sparked a lot of interest for me. I wanted to learn more about it and also hear Nate’s take on it. The show is evolving almost like an MVP and they are responsive to feedback. I highly recommend the Searching for SaaS and send in your questions and topic ideas.

Masters of Community with David Spinks

Community is more important than ever. The Masters of Community show brings you conversations with the top community builders, leaders, and experts in the world. Hear their stories, insights, and advice, and take your community strategy to the next level.

Masters of Community podcast

My passion is with building online communities. I have built developer and maker communities to support projects around the world. I am fascinated by community dynamics, how they grow, how they die, and how they support business. I can’t say enough about the Master of Community podcast. I look forward to new episodes and have been binging the ones that I missed since the show launched in 2020. I recommend that you start with the How To Build a Social Media Community with Matthew Kobach episode.

Board Game Design lab

The Board Game Design Lab is a community built on one central purpose: To help you design great games that people love. BDGL started its podcast in 2016 hosted by Gabe Barrett.

Board Game Design Lab podcast

I love board games and I love to design board games. I have been following Gabe since he started. He has built the largest board game design community over five years. He’s started a podcast and gave a lot of people related to the board game industry a voice, he’s released books on game design, he’s released his own games, and consistently shares what he learns as he learns it. The podcast is like clockwork and has been evolving over time. I like that he not only has game designers as guests but also has guests that support the industry, like editors, artists, and marketers. I recommend starting with the How to Market Yourself, Your Game, and Your Company with Debbie Moynihan episode. In this one, you’ll hear from Debbie Moynihan, COO of Wise Wizard Games, and learn the seven P’s of marketing.

What podcasts do you listen to?

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