How To Start a Digital Diet

They say that you are what you eat. If you eat healthy, you are healthy. You are also what you read. You are what you you consume online. If you want to be healthy all-round, then you have to actively chose what you consume. Humans are at a connection breaking point and information overload. I am suffering the consequences of consuming too much news, social media, and YouTube videos. I just can’t take in anymore content if I care about my wellbeing.

Do you own your phone or does it own you?

Here’s some tips that seem to be working for me.

  • Sign out of mobile apps – I had a tendency to check out the same social media apps whenever I got a few minutes to myself. I started by signing out of the apps I wanted to avoid: Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. This little extra effort interrupted my normal routine and I stopped checking the apps in about a week. I also bought less stuff.
  • Uninstall mobile apps – Pick some of the apps that you want to avoid and uninstall them. Most of the social platforms have a web version which you can access through your web browser on your phone or computer. This eliminates the notifications, but allows you to check in on your followers when you want.
  • Start with five minutes per day – Set aside five minutes a day to be digital free. Set a timer and just sit without technology for a only five minutes, maybe have a book or notebook. We all have five minutes. For me, this turned into 10 minutes pretty quickly and the time kept stretching out. The trick is to start with an easy goal like five minutes. Once you get started it gets easier to keep going.
  • Do things with purpose – I love watching videos on YouTube. I have watched countless hours on bridges, remodeling closets, and puppies. I am guilty of opening YouTube and watching the recommended videos. What I changed is that if I am going to take a break and watch some videos is that I select the videos or topic that I want to watch. I say things to myself like for the next 30 minutes I am going to learn about 3D printing. I actively pick and chose the videos to watch with a purpose in mind. This little trick helps me curate what content I am consuming and makes the experience better.
  • Move conversations away from toxic topics – I have some people in my life that want to go there. They try to weasel in some toxic take on some current events. It’s one thing to always be talking about things and it is another thing to do something about it. Most of us get all hot and bothered on a topic and don’t try yo make any changes. I actively move conversations back to what’s really import: health, family, quality of life, hobbies, and important milestones.
  • Don’t expect perfection – We can’t be perfect. We are constantly surrounded by information, content, and other people. So, don’t strive for perfection. Just do your best and be mindful of the decisions that you make each day.

Are you on a digital diet? What’s working for you?

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