Gummy Bear Jello Grapes Inspired by Pinterest

I attended my first birthday party for one of my son’s friends. We kind of missed these experiences over the past few years and now everyone is having a birthday party. This party was complete with a bounce castle, trampoline, and Pinterest-inspired snacks.

Gummy Bear Grapes

I discovered Gummy Bear Grapes. I had six of them. Maybe seven. I spent the entire party planning out how I could get another one at a frequency that wouldn’t arouse suspicion about my interest in these grapes. My son took a bite and I was quick to say that if he didn’t want the rest, I would take care of it for him. When I first saw them, I joked that they were inspired by Pinterest. The parent heard my comment and confirmed my assumption.

I inquired about how they were made. It’s pretty simple, you melt down gummy bears of the same flavor, coat the grape in the gummy bear syrup, and roll them in jello powder. The Sour Patch Kids flavored jello was divine. Easy as pie. But better.

Maybe I need to get out more, but these grapes hit me right in the sweet spot. Be in the moment. Enjoy the little things.

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