Free Guy Movie Review: From NPC to PC Using AI in New IP

Last night, Becky and I went to see a movie in a movie theater. It was the two of us and about 8 others in a large AMC movie theater. The experience is different than streaming. I couldn’t pause the movie. I couldn’t pull out my phone and scroll through TikTok videos and miss half of the movie. I had to focus on the big screen as to not ruin the experience for others… and me.

Free Guy Movie Poster from 20th Century Studios

Dangit. Ryan Reynolds is funny. He stars as Guy, a Non-player character (NPC) turned Player Character (PC) by Artificial Intelligence (AI), in Free Guy, a movie based on new Intellectual Property (IP).

Free Guy Movie Trailer

The world that Free Guy is set in is new. It has new ideas, new characters, and new merchandising opportunities. Free guy also has a familiar love story and brings in modern elements such as live-streaming, video games, and virtual reality.

“Today’s gonna be different.”


Free Guy also fueled the first conversation ever in my marriage about NPCs and their role in games. That was a fun ride back home. I knew way too much about the subject but I made sure to pace myself and hide my excitement.

Free Guy: Strong Recommend

Go watch Free Guy in a theater. Use the AMC movie website and find a showtime with low attendance. Get some popcorn. Remember what the real-world felt like by watching a movie about virtual reality.

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