Drive Change by Being Community-driven

Welcome to the Age of Authenticity: Drive change by being community-driven.

My name is Hans Scharler. I am a community builder.

My goal with this series of blog posts is to explore AI and community and how community will drive change in business. Community is about being authentic and taking your members along with you. We form a symbiotic relationship as we build movements together.

Community is the only way companies will differentiate themselves in this era of AI.

Hans Scharler

Figuring out where to start this series of blog posts was challenging—a quandary, if you will. Do I explain the value proposition of community? Do I provide all of the background and context? Well, I decided to kick off this series with my hypothesis: community is the only way companies will differentiate themselves in the era of AI.

Let’s first acknowledge the sweeping wave of AI’s influence, from sophisticated tools like ChatGPT and its underlying large language model and transformer technology to image generation from simple language prompts. AI has completely changed how businesses work; they just might not know it yet. Recent breakthroughs, services, and combinations of services have brought about a level playing field. This means that your current technical edge in the marketplace will erode quickly, as anyone with text prompting can duplicate a feature of your app, game, or service. They can’t, however, duplicate your community.

That’s where having a community-driven strategy comes in. It’s a new way of doing things that moves the focus away from simple transactions and toward building relationships with users and customers. This happens by being authentic and getting people involved. Companies can use the power of their communities to not only survive but to thrive in this brave new world.

Key Takeaway

If you take one takeaway away, then take this one takeaway away… You must shift your organization’s plan to a community-driven marketing and development strategy in the age of AI. With AI leveling the playing field, companies must find new ways to set themselves apart and build long-lasting relationships with their users and customers. The community-driven approach is a powerful way to solve problems because it lets businesses take advantage of the huge potential of human connection and shared growth.

What lies at the very core of community-driven marketing and development? This approach can be summed up in three key points: fostering relationships that benefit both parties, making sure people stay engaged, and fostering growth for everyone

  • Relationships are the bedrock of any successful community-driven initiative. By genuinely interacting with users and customers, organizations can learn a lot about their wants, pain points, and goals. This open conversation helps companies learn more about the people they want to reach, so they can make sure their products and services are right for them. In turn, customers feel heard and appreciated, which builds trust and loyalty that go beyond simple transactions.
  • Consistent participation is the most important thing for keeping a community-driven approach alive. Customers today get a lot of marketing messages and have shorter and shorter attention spans, so companies must always find ways to keep their audience interested. This can be done in a number of ways, such as by providing useful content, making it easy for people to talk to each other, and giving members of the community special perks. By making people feel like they belong and are part of a group, businesses can not only keep their customers but also turn them into passionate brand advocates.
  • Shared growth is the ultimate goal of community-driven marketing and development. By getting customers and users involved in the ideation, creation, and improvement of products and services, companies can give their customers and users a sense of ownership and pride. This way of working together makes sure that products and services change to meet the ever-changing needs of the market and gives users and customers the power to help the company succeed. As a result, businesses can enjoy sustainable growth and a competitive edge in the market.

Community-driven marketing and development is no longer just an option in the age of AI; it is an absolute must. Businesses can use the power of community to stand out in a crowded market and reach new heights of success by embracing the ideas of relationships, sustained engagement, and shared growth.

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