Crafting Arzium Documentary – An Intimate Look into Designing a New Board Game

I am excited to announce my latest film project: Crafting Arzium. I am serving as a producer and working with the amazing Eric Rayl, director of The Game Designers.

Crafting Arzium is a feature-length documentary that takes an intimate look into the design process of Ryan Laukat and Malorie Laukat — the core team behind Red Raven Games. You will be taken into Ryan and Malorie’s world as they imagine, create, live, and struggle to come up with their next great board game.

Crafting Arzium – Official Trailer – Zoom Out Media

I am honored to be a part of the project and I am really excited to share this window into the board game design process. I love board games and what they mean to me over my life. It is amazing what Eric Rayl has captured. To me, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see it happen as it happens.

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Crafting Arzium is now on Kickstarter! Back the Kickstarter project to support the project, get access to the movie, and maybe get some bonus stretch goals.

Malorie Laukat and Ryan Laukat in Crafting Arzium


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