CheerLights for Halloween

Are you ready? Ready for another season of CheerLights? I love seeing CheerLights have a longer and longer season as the years go by. Last year, many people made Halloween displays that were connected to the CheerLights project… FearLights… if you will.

Cyan FearLights!

CheerLights is a fun way to get started with IoT, microcontrollers, and LED lights. If you know how to make CheerLights work, you can build some other awesome IoT projects. CheerLights is a great project to get people interested in IoT. It’s often used as an “Hello, World” project for the Internet of Things, and what you learn can be applied to other project ideas.

To make a Halloween-inspired project, you can take the CheerLights color and illuminate a pumpkin or even a… skull from Pimoroni.

Pimoroni Wireless Plasma Stick + Glass Skull

Check out other Halloween CheerLights projects over at the CheerLights blog. Have fun with the idea, build something spooky, and help spread the… fear.

Streaming Lo-Fi inspired by the latest CheerLights Color

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