Why Do You Take Photos at a Wedding?

I took a bunch of photos at a wedding over the wedding. Why do you do that? I mean, why did I do that?

Wedding Ceremony Photo

As I asked in my article about taking photos of fireworks, why do we take pictures? I use photos to remember things, to remind myself to price shop online for things I find IRL, and to capture the moment. I have been somewhat reflective about photo-taking these past weeks. This reflection probably got triggered by a rash of in-person events this summer. I have been with a lot of people noticing what they do, noticing how I behave too. I happened to be in this beautiful wedding of two long-term friends. As I stood beside my fellow groomsmen, I could not help but notice the sheer number of phones pointed in our direction. My mug was probably captured by over 100 people. And, the wedding had a professional photographer capturing moments with the largest camera at the event. I didn’t get my wedding photos for weeks after our wedding. Professional photos seem to take a lot of time to process. We have shifted to a real-time world. Even events like a wedding happen and the next day you are on to the next thing. We also have good enough cameras on our phones. By the time you get your professional photos, you will not have time to revel in them. You will be experiencing something new… then.

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