How to Embed a ThingSpeak Chart on your WordPress Blog

ThingSpeak Charts can be embedded into a WordPress blog by using the “embed” block.This allows you to embed a chart in blog posts, pages, and widgets.


  • Find the ThingSpeak Chart that you want to embed.
  • Click on the bubble icon next to the chart and copy the embed code
  • On WordPress, add a new block and select the “Embed” type
  • Paste the ThingSpeak embed code and click Embed

Example Using ThingSpeak Channel 3


  1. I tried it; i see the chart but i don’t see the plotted point of my temperature sensor.
    I used this code
    [iframe_loader src=”″]

        1. “api” will forward to “www” – charts act like a webpage and not necessarily as an API call. Either way will work though.
          Also, each channel has 8 fields, we identify the fields by numbers, so charts/1 gives you the data for field 1 of the channel.
          Glad it works. Let us know if you need anything else.

  2. Hi again(i posted this in the other section but i didn’t have an answer),
    now i would like to plot my float temperature values…i saw that “updateThingSpeak”expects a “String” as input, therefore i did a cast:
    String temp = String(temper());
    temper() returns a float but it doesn’t work; if i change the return of function temper() in int, it works, obviously.
    How can i do to fix it?

  3. i need to download the csv file of my channel in my android can i do it?can you prefer me some links or tutorials to do it.

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