ThingSpeak Channels

Once you have signed up and signed into ThingSpeak, you start by creating a ThingSpeak Channel. A channel is where you send your data to store. Each channel includes 8 fields for any type of data, 3 location fields, and 1 status field. Once you have a ThingSpeak Channel you publish data to the channel, have ThingSpeak process the data, then have your application retrieve the data.

Getting Started with ThingSpeak

Updating a ThingSpeak Channel

You put data into a ThingSpeak Channel by using HTTP POST. For testing purposes, you can use a FireFox Add-on called Poster. This tool is great for testing web services and APIs.
Here is what your request will look like if you want to put data into “field1” of the channel.

  • URL:
  • Content Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Content: key=(Write API Key)&field1=123

Note: Replace (Write API Key) with your ThingSpeak API key.

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  1. You can use add-on Simple REST Client for Chrome Web Browser , if you don’t use Firefox and add-on Poster to test your web services and APIs.

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