Accelerating learning and building… The MATLAB AI Chat Playground is open.

As you may have deduced from my recent blog posts, I have been bullish about generative AI, large-language models, and ChatGPT. I have also been working on generative AI technology for my work at MathWorks. I started internal office hours for ChatGPT and an internal developer community focused on prompt engineering, prototyping, and exploring, which kicked off many development projects. My initial goal was to create a place for users to experiment with generative AI, answer questions, fill gaps, and create bespoke MATLAB code snippets. We recently opened up our AI playground to all users.

MATLAB AI Chat Playground

To get started, open the MATLAB AI Chat Playground in your favorite desktop web browser. Select an onboarding prompt or type in a question, an idea, or a request for code.

AI Chat Playground: Generating and Rendering MATLAB Code

The AI returns explanations, code, and ideas for how to continue the conversation. You can run the code in real-time thanks to the MATLAB Online compute server. You can rate the output using the thumbs-up or thumbs-down buttons. This helps us tune the experience over time.

I have been living with the AI Chat Playground since May and learning with a group of community users. I try to use the playground for my MATLAB questions and work instead of using a search engine. The playground does not do the work for me, but it does help me get closer to a solution. The idea is to accelerate learning and building. If I shave some minutes off looking for an example or answer, then I can stay in the zone longer. These minutes add up over the course of a day, a week, a month, or a year—just little efficiencies that pile up.

My old friend, Jay, called me on his commute the other day, and he said something that has been sticking with me all week.

“This is the worst that Generative AI technology will ever be.”

Jay Huie

Right now, ChatGPT from OpenAI, Bard from Google, and Poe from Anthropic are already amazing large-language models. It is crazy to think that this is the worst version of the technology, and that is only up from here. We have been living in this world for about 11 months. Buckle up.

The MATLAB AI Chat Playground visualized by DALL-E 3

So, over to you. Head over to the MATLAB Central community to access the AI Chat Playground. Let me know what you learn or build. And share with the rest of the community in the MathWorks Community Discussion Area for Generative AI.

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