The Greatest eBay Listing: The Associated Press Stylebook

I appreciated great marketing tactics. Sometimes it is better to get to the point, i.e. tell it how it is. I was recently looking for The Associated Press Stylebook. This book contains lots of useful information about how to write article titles, list technical information, or what styles to use for capitalization, abbreviation, spelling and numeral. I always learn something when I thumb through it.

The Associated Press Stylebook

The Associated Press Stylebook gets periodically updated to address the latest trends and refinements to previous styles. The AP is on its 55th edition of its stylebook. I turned to eBay to find an older edition and a cheaper one. I searched and found one. I ended up buying a used one for a few dollars but its description is what sold me.

eBay Book Description: Book

The eBay product description just read, “Book.” Well, that is all I needed to know. Direct. To the point. No more information needed. I understood exactly what it was. I clicked But It Now and it arrived a few days later. It was indeed a book.

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