Sold-out Rock Concert or an NVIDIA Developer Conference?

You would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a sold-out rock concert and the latest NVIDIA developer conference. The keynote speech to kick-off the NVIDIA GTC was standing room only and filled with energy. We are at an interesting time in the tech sector. AI has captured all of the press cycles, developer minds, and new investment dollars. NVIDIA was the benefactor of the AI revolution. Their GPUs not only power the large-language models that we have been using for the past year or so, but their platform is also enabling desktop generative AI and cloud providers to accelerate their services.


Nvidia 2024 AI Event: Everything Revealed in 16 Minutes

GTC Keynote from Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, at GTC March 2024 discusses the evolution of computing and the emergence of generative AI, a new kind of software that can be used to create other software. He also unveils a new line of products from NVIDIA, including NIM (NVIDIA Inference Microservice), and Omniverse, a digital twin platform that can be used to create and simulate robotic systems.

  • Generative AI is a new kind of software that can be used to create other software. This is a major breakthrough that has the potential to revolutionize many industries.
  • NVIDIA is a leader in the development of generative AI, and the company is committed to making this technology accessible to everyone. Nims is a new product from NVIDIA that makes it easy for companies to integrate generative AI into their workflows.
  • Omniverse is another new product from NVIDIA that is designed to help companies create and simulate robotic systems. Omniverse is a digital twin platform that can be used to create virtual models of real-world systems. These models can then be used to train robots and to test new products and processes.
  • NVIDIA believes that generative AI and Omniverse have the potential to transform many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. The company is committed to working with its partners to bring these technologies to market.

The Power of the Ecosystem

The one awesome part of GTC is that NVIDIA is bringing together partners and building a strong ecosystem. There have been so many blogs, press releases, and videos to capture all of the news, but one is the idea that it is going to take many developers, partners, and tech stacks to come together in order to deliver on the promise of AI. I was proud to see that MathWorks is in the ecosystem.

One thing that has captured my interest is the Omniverse Cloud APIs, which I believe are set to revolutionize autonomous system development through advanced sensor simulation. These APIs offer developers crucial tools for creating and testing realistic scenarios, thus enhancing the safety and effectiveness of autonomous technologies. NVIDIA’s initiative not only accelerates the development process but also aims to democratize access to cutting-edge technologies, fostering innovation in the autonomous sector.

By bringing together an expansive ecosystem of simulators, verification and validation (V&V) tools, content and sensor developers, the Omniverse Cloud APIs enable a universal environment for AI system development.

Developers and software vendors such as CARLA, MathWorks, MITREForetellix, and Voxel51 underscore the broad appeal of these APIs for autonomous vehicles.

MathWorks and Foretellix provide critical simulation tools for authoring, executing, monitoring, and debugging of testing scenarios.

Zvi Greenstein

Here’s a video showing how Foretellix leverages NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs to generate high-fidelity sensor simulations for autonomous vehicle development.

Autonomous Vehicle Sensor Simulation, Powered by Omniverse Cloud APIs

2024 is shaping up to be exciting. AI tech, platforms, partners, and developer interest are hitting at once.

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