Windows Copilot: Microsoft Build 2023 TL;DR

Microsft has been on a roll and so far Microsoft Build 2023 kept it going. Microsoft Build is Microsoft’s annual conference aimed at software engineers and web developers using Windows, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, and Bing. It takes a lot of planning to pull off an event, so they must have started months ago. They continue to surprise the marketplace.

Windows Copilot

Microsoft Build 2023 TL;DR

  1. Bing Integration with ChatGPT: Bing has been integrated into ChatGPT as the default search engine, allowing for real-time queries with up-to-date results, fresh content, and citations. Users can directly access webpages sourced by Bing from these results.
  2. Plugins in Bing and ChatGPT: The presentation announced a new interoperability feature between ChatGPT and Bing for plugins. The same plugins can now be used in both platforms, and an example was given of using Zillow and Instacart plugins to search for houses and create a shopping list.
  3. Edge Browser and Bing Chat: The Edge browser now supports Bing Chat, allowing it to pull information, like ingredients from a recipe on a webpage, and generate a shopping list using the Instacart plugin.
  4. Windows Copilot: A new feature called Windows Copilot was introduced. This tool gives users suggestions to increase productivity and enhance user experience on a PC. The tool allows users to adjust system settings, switch to focus or dark mode, and manage window arrangement with one click. It can also invoke plugins, such as playing a playlist from Spotify.
  5. Microsoft Fabric: Microsoft announced a unified data analytics platform called Microsoft Fabric. It combines compute and storage, integrates the full analytics stack product experiences, unifies governance with analytics, and brings a unified business model across all analytics workloads. The platform includes OneLake, a SaaS data lake that stores data in an open format for diverse use cases like training machine learning models, visualizing data, and running SQL queries. The unified experience provides data professionals with all the tools they need.
Microsoft Build event in 5 minutes

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