Make a Collage of Your Conference Stickers

Part of the fun for me while attending conferences is collecting a little token from each booth or interaction that I have. I love seeing my filled swag bag with stickers at the end of an event as it reminds me of what I accomplished and the engagements. I know that other fellow community folks love collecting tokens too.

So, what do you do with all of the stickers? I decided to make a collage of stickers from my tech conference and game convention attendance. I put most of the stickers on a large float frame. I also see this as a living document meaning I sometimes add to it, cover things up, and the “artwork” evolves over time.

Framed Sticker Collage

As you can see from my varied blog posts, I have a lot of interests. This is also reflected in my sticker collage. I love experiencing new things and collecting some proof of work. What do you do with your stickers?

Sticker Collage YouTube Shorts

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