Elfa Utility Board + Cricut Hacks

I recently updated my board game design workshop with Elfa custom shelving. Elfa is provided by The Container Store.

Light Fun Game Design Workshop


If you like stuff organized and have things put away into bins, stay away from The Container Store. I am addicted to organization hacks and The Container Store is my drug of choice.

Cricut Cutting Mat Storage

The sticky cutting mats used for the Cricut cutting machine are really important to keep dust free and stored properly. I never know what to do with them. I now store them on the Elfa Utility Board using a slim hook. This keeps the mats in a convenient place and protected from accidentally sitting things on them. Also, write the date of their first use on them with a marker. The mats do not last long, but I recommend using the Monicut brand of mats. The Monicut mats are about 66% cheaper and work just as well.

Cricut Tools

The Elfa slim hooks are also perfect for hanging the Cricut tools. By handing up the tools, you get easy access to them and keep the sharp parts out of the way.

Magnetic Storage Bins

The Elfa Utility Board is made out of metal and magnets like metal. Over at Dollar Tree, I found magnetic storage bins for $1. This is a great deal. The bins also have a clear lid. I use them to store game components and keep them in view while designing games.

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  1. I think it’s great that you started your article with a warning. It’s true, if you don’t want to look at all your stuff, Container Store may not be the right choice.

    I will add a tip and that is to look at some of the clutter bug system for deciding what kind of storage you prefer, and figure out what your family members preferences are also, and what preferences you have for different kinds of stuff. Basically, there are four Preferences when it comes to having clutter.
    1. You want to see everything, grouped in broad categories.
    2. You want to see everything, grouped into micro categories.
    3. You want things hidden, grouped in broad categories.
    4. You want things hidden, grouped in micro categories.

    Some sort of insect is associated with each of those storage styles, hence the name “clutter bug. But it’s a really useful way to start thinking about what you want your space to look like before you go shopping for organizing tools. You can find her on YouTube, and no, I don’t get any money or prizes or benefits for mentioning her. I just found it a nice revelation for myself. (Behind doors, Micro categories when possible).

    I still love Elfa, especially in closets… Which I consider “behind doors.” Because I am a little bit of a visual person and “out of sight out of mind” can be a problem.

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