I am Presenting at the Community Technology Summit 2023 in Boston, MA on October 4th

Join me and my colleague, Chen Lin, at the Community Technology Summit 2023 on October 4, 2023. Chen and I have a provocative talk about Community & AI: What You Need to Know NOW as a community leader, community builder, or community manager.

Hans Scharler and Chen Lin: Community & AI: What You Need to Know NOW

I am really excited to give this talk in person with my community manager peers and heroes at the awesome meeting space, Convene, located at One Boston Place, Boston, MA. AI is on everyone’s minds, and probably more so for community professionals. Community is really about connection and engagement with people, joining together for a movement. How does AI fit into this? Will it be disruptive? Chen and I are going to explore all of these questions, provide some answers, and mostly get us all thinking about the future of community in the era of AI.

We firmly believe that AI is NOT coming for the community manager jobs. In fact, the potential for AI to help community professionals extend their impact is huge. But for a lot of us, it’s unclear how to even start with AI. So, we decided to bring in some experts.

Hans Scharler is a MathWorks Community Strategy Leader and Chen Lin is a MathWorks Product Manager for MATLAB Central and they’ll share a  straight-forward look at the intersection of community and AI.

The Community Roundtable

I hear the event is almost sold out, but there are a few remaining spots for the summit. Register here: https://communityroundtable.com/product/community-technology-summit-2023/

Connect is the main event for The Community Roundtable, a professional organization for all of us who are trying to start movements and build out community programs to, ahem, change the world. Connect blends expert community builders with unique networking, collaboration, and learning opportunities for every level of community leader. You’ll walk away with meaningful new connections and ways to improve your community program immediately.

I look forward to seeing you again and meeting a bunch of new people in the community of community professionals. If you can’t make the event, you can always chat with me and others about community on The Quandary Discord server.


  1. I am glad we connected. I missed your event but my and your event were running simultaneously. Interestingly we came to the same conclusion. It is clear that the need for a safe haven for community members will increase and the proposition of the future will be “where people are real and stories are true”. This requires a bump in the community ambition for the transactional/utitilitarian ‘common interest’ toward the engagement/hedonic ‘shared interest in each others well being”. In order to do that you cannot get away with monkey tactics. You really need to understand the underlying behaviors and which triggers to use to increase trust and sense of belonging……looking forward to our conversations already. Best, Wilfried

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