Community Industry Awards: Nominated for the Developer Relations Community Professional of the Year

It’s an honor to be nominated, they say.

I had the great surprise and thrill to get an email from CMX telling me that I have been nominated for a Community Industry Award! Recognition of your work is great, but I just love community. It has given me so much, so much heartache, and so many rewarding experiences online and in-person.

Community Industry Awards by CMX

It feels like community is getting a lot more attention these days. I have heard phrases like community-led development, community marketing, and Chief Community Officer. That’s pretty exciting.

Congrats to all of the nominees. I will see you online and maybe soon in-person. Cheers.

  • Ale Murray – Confluent
  • Andreea Tomescu – UiPath
  • Arjun Meda – Automation Anywhere
  • Blake Ethridge – DZone
  • Cherish Santoshi – SAWO Labs
  • Cristina Vidu – UiPath
  • Erica Hanson – Google
  • Hans Scharler – MathWorks
  • Jana Boruta – HashiCorp
  • John Coghlan – GitLab
  • Karolina Linda – Dynatrace
  • Kiran Oliver – Camunda, Inc.
  • Lizzie Siegle – Twilio
  • Mariana Lemus – MuleSoft
  • Megan Speir – Twilio
  • Merve Isler – Google
  • Sam Hepburn – Snyk
  • Siddhant Agarwal – Open Financial Technologies
  • Steph Louis – PegaSystems

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