Better Caul Saul Hamlin Hamlin & McGill Banker Box

If you talk to me for a few minutes, you will learn that I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I love the “Breaking Bad Universe”. A few weeks ago I shared a tweet about my mind wandering during my vacation about how Better Call Saul Season Six will wrap up. I have been racking my brain about how the two shows are going to intertwine, redefine, and, ultimately, end. It has been a glorious ride.

Sony Pictures Television noticed my tweet and reached out. They offered to send me a gift box to thank me for my loyalty over the years. Well, they blew me away today with an HHM banker box filled with surprises.

HHM Banker Box with Better Call Saul Swag

SPTV really delighted me with all of the touches. The box had redacted files, coffee-stained paper, crumpled up legal pad paper, and Hamlin Hamlin & McGill branding. The gifts were quite unexpected: World’s 2nd Best Lawyer… Again coffee mug complete with bullet hole, a working burner phone with a voicemail from Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn, a Zafiro Añejo bottle stopper, and the LWYRUP license plate from Saul’s Cadillac. The whole package made me well up with tears and I got a little overwhelmed. What a complete surprise.

I really love the Breaking Bad Universe universe as it has given me a lot of joy appreciating the stories, pouring over the meaning and symbolism, listening to the cast and crew on the insider podcast, and going into deep discussions with friends over the years.

Thank you, Sony Pictures Television!

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