Collecting Bernie Wrightson FPG Cards

I love Bernie Wrightson’s artwork and style. I also feel that FPG captured Bernie’s spirit across sets of trading cards from 1993 to 1996. FPG released original art, best of, Frankenstein drawings, Sternn art, holograms, signature cards, checklists, and stickers. I started collecting all of the FPG cards and soon realized how hard it is to collect everything. FPG released promos, limited cards, and thousands of autographed cards. Along the way, I also found uncut sheets, promos, accessories, and promotional materials. I tried my best to list everything that I can about Bernie Wrightson’s FPG cards and promos here. Please let me know what I don’t know. I am also interested in trades and buying obscure collectibles related to Bernie Wrightson.

Table of Contents

Primary Card Sets

FPG published four primary card sets from 1993 to 1996 featuring the artwork of Bernie Wrightson: Master of Macabre (1993), Frankenstein (1993), More Macabre (1994), and Bernie Wrightson Stockers (1996). The primary card sets included cards that you could collect by buying packs of FPG cards.

1993 Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre

This card set includes 90 cards of which 45 cards are original to FPG and 45 cards feature classic paintings from Bernie Wrightson.

  1. Lazarus Syndrome
  2. Foul Harvest
  3. Resurrection
  4. Stalemate
  5. After Midnight
  6. The Premature Burial
  7. Hangover
  8. Knights of the Living Dead
  9. Late Caller
  10. Just Before Dawn
  11. Tapeworm
  12. Mudslide
  13. Parole Review
  14. The Prize
  15. Heads Up
  16. Moving Day
  17. Taproot
  18. Larva
  19. Theo and Roger
  20. First Frost
  21. Panthera
  22. Centaura
  23. The Kiss
  24. Cosmic Volleyball
  25. Exterminatrix
  26. Out All Night
  27. Night’s End
  28. Unrevokable Invitation
  29. All Freaked Out
  30. Avenger
  31. The Black Cat
  32. Masque of the Red Death
  33. The Cask of Amontillado
  34. Murders in the Rue Morgue
  35. Sleepy Hollow
  36. Heads, You Lose
  37. Lower Berth
  38. Free Fall
  39. Amphibious Indigents
  40. Freaks
  41. Visitor
  42. Badtime Stories
  43. Hanover Fiste
  44. Moonpool
  45. The Barbarian
  46. Spellbound
  47. Drop In Any Time
  48. The Oz Effect
  49. Exterminator
  50. Mausoleum
  51. The Very Devil
  52. Newts to You
  53. Indecision
  54. Distant Thunder
  55. Gesundheit
  56. Ramone and Escamillo
  57. Lost in the Woods
  58. Creeper
  59. Purgatory
  60. Technicolor Yawn
  61. Harry, The Happy Headsman
  62. Orthodonty 1
  63. Soft Soldier
  64. Gentlemen of Adventure Wear Arrow Collars and Shirts
  65. The Quagmire
  66. Siegfried
  67. Amphiuma
  68. Loggerhead
  69. Under Distant Moons
  70. Up For Air
  71. Stegosaurus
  72. T-Rex
  73. Snapper Attack
  74. Seventh Inning Stretch
  75. You Can Never Find Godzilla When You Really Need Him
  76. Amphibious Assault
  77. Fish Sticks
  78. Devolution
  79. From Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-Leggedy (Beasties and Things that Go Bump in the Night, May the Good Lord Deliver Us.)
  80. Taking No Chances
  81. Defender of the Keep
  82. Guardian of the Well of Souls
  83. Vitus and Hjalmar
  84. Rude Noises
  85. Stormdrain
  86. Indigestion
  87. Midnight Snack
  88. Eels
  89. Mementoes
  90. Checklist

1993 Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre (Frankenstein Subset)

The Master of Macabre card set also included 45 black and white cards featuring Bernie Wrightson’s best Frankenstein artwork.

  1. The Unexpected
  2. Wretched Condition
  3. In Search of Secrets
  4. The Lecture
  5. Deep in Study
  6. Dirty Work
  7. Failure
  8. Recourse to Death
  9. The Creator
  10. Eye of the Beholder
  11. His Eyes Were Fixed on Me
  12. A Flash of Lightning
  13. My Imagination Was Busy
  14. The Scaffold
  15. Confrontation
  16. Fear My Vengeance
  17. The Maw of Death
  18. The Brook
  19. Escape
  20. Despondence and Mortification
  21. A Hideous Reflection
  22. Close Attention
  23. Perpetual Exile
  24. The Leather Portmanteau
  25. Accursed Creator
  26. Ready, Aim, Fire
  27. Descending the Mountain
  28. Strasbourg to Rotterdam
  29. For the Sake of Information
  30. A Filthy Process
  31. The Laboratory
  32. Never Again
  33. Cast Into the Sea
  34. Discovery
  35. The Coffin
  36. Bitter Tears
  37. Lifeless
  38. Utter Exhaustion
  39. The Journey
  40. Mountains of Ice
  41. With a Feeble Voice
  42. Departure
  43. Where Can I Find Rest but in Death
  44. Abandonment
  45. Frankenstein Checklist

1993 Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre (Hologram Cards)

Three hologram cards were randomly inserted in the Master of the Macabre packs of cards.

  • H1 – Rude Awakening
  • H2 – Uninvited
  • H3 – Late Arrivals

1993 Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre (Gold Hologram Cards)

Three gold hologram cards were randomly inserted in the Master of the Macabre packs of cards. The card indicates that there are 2,500 gold hologram cards for each promo.

  • H1 – Rude Awakening – Gold
  • H2 – Uninvited – Gold
  • H3 – Late Arrivals – Gold

1994 Bernie Wrightson Series II: More Macabre

  1. Undead
  2. Till Death Us Do Part!
  3. Full Throttle
  4. We’re Back!
  5. Dead Tired
  6. More Bad News
  7. Cemetery Club
  8. Return Engagement
  9. Nobody in Particular
  10. Bad Boy(s)
  11. Visitation
  12. Curiosity Killed …
  13. Why Was I Not Made of Stone Like Thee?
  14. Moonrise II
  15. Malpractice
  16. Tarman
  17. Stereo Burps
  18. Long Pig
  19. Woody
  20. Familiar Face
  21. Asparagus Dream
  22. Don’t Axe
  23. Tendrils
  24. Wetlands Sunset
  25. Bad Hair Day
  26. Mossum
  27. Uprooted
  28. Nowhere to Hyde
  29. Feeding Frenzy
  30. Headquarters
  31. Heartburn
  32. Queen of Hearts
  33. Heartbreaker
  34. Big Mistake
  35. Bridal Suite
  36. The Tryst
  37. Overbalanced
  38. Facetious Tamahto
  39. Hieeyaaah!
  40. Auntie Social
  41. Salamandra
  42. Avenger
  43. Slim Odds
  44. Nocturna
  45. The Scout
  46. Alice Saurus
  47. Spell That Again
  48. Damp Cellar
  49. A Garniture of Gargoyles
  50. Club Members
  51. Reptile Ride
  52. Berserker
  53. Death Throes
  54. F’Pete’s Snakes
  55. Mugging in the Moonlight
  56. Prowling
  57. Leap of Faith
  58. Defenseless
  59. Moonrise
  60. Mine!
  61. Lycanthrope
  62. Kindling
  63. Bloodlust
  64. Sunburn
  65. Guess Ooze Coming to Dinner?
  66. Bubblehead
  67. Subterrestrial
  68. C-Section
  69. Vermin
  70. Eat Explosive-Tipped Lead!
  71. Quick Changes
  72. Final Encounter
  73. Amphibious Assault Again
  74. The One That Got Away
  75. Moray Pattern
  76. Breaching
  77. Blood Tide
  78. B.F.T.
  79. Exterminator
  80. Night Surf
  81. Stargazers
  82. Bad Girls
  83. Lucinda
  84. Allosaurus Fragilis
  85. Bong!
  86. Punkin Ladies
  87. Resurrection Revisited
  88. Boys’ Night Out
  89. Highway to Hell
  90. Checklist

1994 Bernie Wrightson Series II: More Macabre (Metallic Sternn Cards)

Five Metallic Sternn cards were randomly inserted in the More Macabre packs of cards.

  • MS1 – The Intrepid Captain Sternn
  • MS2 – The Soft Drink Conspiracy
  • MS3 – Noble Mission
  • MS4 – Let’s Eat
  • MS5 – Running Out of Time

1996 Bernie Wrightson Stickers

  1. Undead
  2. Lazarus Syndrome
  3. Foul Harvest
  4. More Bad News
  5. Soft Soldier
  6. Sunburn
  7. Purgatory
  8. Woody
  9. Uprooted
  10. The Prize
  11. Mugging in the Moonlight
  12. Prowling
  13. Moonrise
  14. Out All Night
  15. Tapeworm
  16. B.F.T.
  17. Indigestion
  18. C-Section
  19. (no name)
  20. Why Was I Not Made of Stone
  21. Heads Up
  22. Technicolor Yawn
  23. Stereo Burps
  24. Auntie Social
  25. Under Distant Moons
  26. Newts to You
  27. (no name)
  28. Nowhere to Hyde
  29. Headquarters
  30. Free Fall
  31. (no name)
  32. Lucinda
  33. Stegosaurus
  34. Allosaurus Fragilis
  35. T-Rex
  36. Stalemate
  37. Guardian of the Well of Souls
  38. Devolution
  39. Mementoes
  40. Midnight Snack
  41. Highway to Hell
  42. Resurrection Revisited
  43. Full Throttle
  44. Nocturna
  45. Familiar Face
  46. Wetlands Sunset
  47. Asparagus Dream
  48. Club Members
  49. Spellbound
  50. Slim Odds

Promo Cards

  • 1992 – Master of the Macabre – Advance Comics – Mudslide
  • 1993 – Master of the Macabre – Previews Magazine – Frankenstein Hologram
  • 1993 – Master of the Macabre – HWDC – “Monster chasing woman” (3.5″x3.5″ card)
  • 1994 – More Macabre – (P3) – “Two men running” (black back)
  • 1994 – More Macabre – (P4) – “Tree monsters” (black back)
  • 1994 – More Macabre – (unnumbered) – “Swamp thing” (white back)
  • 1994 – More Macabre – (unnumbered) – “Werewolf” (white back)
  • 1994 – More Macabre – #17 – Feeding Frenzy (on left) / More Bad News (on right) – (5″x7″ card)

FPG Binders

FPG offered two binders to hold all of the cards in the Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre and More Macabre card sets. Each binder includes artwork from the sets, a pocket for a promo binder card, and rings to hold three-ring card sheets.

Master of the Macabre Binder

Master of the Macabre FPG Binder

More Macabre Binder

More Macabre FPG Binder

FPG Binder Cards

There were two promo cards only offered with the FPG three-ring binders. There is a pocket on the inside of the binder to display the promo card.

FPG Binder Cards

Display Boxes

Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre

The first series of Bernie Wrightson’s Master of the Macabre cards from FPG came in sealed, numbered boxes of 36 packs of 10 cards. Each box has a unique number on its seal out of 90,000.

Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre Display Box

Bernie Wrightson Series II: More Macabre

FPG released Bernie Wrightson: Series II More Macabre cards in sealed boxes and didn’t include a unique number for each box.

Opening a 1994 Sealed Box of Berni Wrightson’s Macabre FPG Cards

Bernie Wrightson Stickers

Bernie Wrightson Stickers – FPG 1996


Advance Comics

A promo card was made for Advance Comics featuring artwork from the Master of Macabre card #12 – Mudslide. The back of the promo card is marked with the Advance Comics logo and a copyright date of 1992.

Advance Comics Promo (Mudslide)

The Advance Comics Promo card was bundled with the March 1993, Number 51, issue of the Advance Comics magazine.

Advance Comics March 1993 Issue with the FPG Bernie Wrightson Promo Card

Previews Magazine

A promo card came attached to the cover of the March 1993 issue of Previews Magazine.

Previews Magazine, March 1993 Vol III, No. 3, with Master of the Macabre Promo Hologram Card

Previews Magazine Promo Sheet

Previews Magazine Promo Sheet from Diamon Comic Distributors

Previews Magazine Cover Card Set

Previews Magazine released a set of cards featuring the covers of their magazine. Series I of the cards included a card of the cover image of the March 1993 issue of Previews Magazine.

Previews Magazine Cover Card

Previews Magazine Panel Insert

To promote a new set of cards, Bernie Wrightson – Series Two: More Macabre, FPG included a 5″x7″ promo art panel in the August 1994 issue of Previews Magazine.

Previews Magazine Promo Panel Insert

San Diego Comic Con 1993 Six-card Panel

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 1993 Promo Panel

San Diego Comic Con 1994 Five-card Panel

San Diego Comic Con 1994 Five-card Panel

Comic Images / Previews Promo Card Set #1

Comic Images released 5,500 sets of cards featuring 21 cards: 16 regular cards, four chromium cards, and one surprise hologram card. The surprise hologram card is the Frankenstein hologram card included on the Previews Magazine cover of the March 1993 issue.

Comic Images / Previews Promo Card Set #1

Uncut Sheets

Advance Comics Promo Cards

1992 Advance Comics Promo Uncut Sheet

HWDC Promo Cards


HWDC 1993 Promo Sheet

Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre Cards

Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre Uncut Sheet

Frankenstein Cards


Series One Frankenstein Uncut Card Sheet

Bernie Wrightson Series II: More Macabre

Series Two Uncut Card Sheet

Metallic Sternn Cards

20″ x 14″

Metallic Sternn Card Sheet from Bernie Wrightson Series II: More Macabre (1994)

Binder Cards

20″ x 7.5″

Uncut Sheet of Binder Cards

Searching For Answers

I am trying to collect as much as I can from the FPG line of cards featuring the artwork from Bernie Wrightson. I research eBay, card lists, blogs, and websites to find some new things. I still have some remaining questions and looking for a few items. Contact me if you have some info or want to trade.

  • I am looking for the “Gold Hologram” cards from series one. I have opened a lot of packs and have never come across one.
  • I am looking for an uncut sheet of The Master of the Macabre series of cards from 1993.
  • What were the HWDC Promo Cards made for? And, why are they 3.5″ x 3.5″ cards?



  1. Thank you for all this information! Invaluable resource. I’ve begun the daunting task of trying to collect the base set of SIGNED 1993 and 1994 cards. Along the way, I plan to collect unsigned sets and promos as you have. Thank you again for all the research!

    1. Thank you for the note, Russ! It has been a labor of love. Let me know if you have anything to add or share. Cheers.

      1. I have a bunch of the autograph inserts now and several show signed ones. I can reach out if you want to compare collections.

  2. Hi, I recently acquired a few uncut sheets from this artist and am looking for information to go about pricing them and maybe selling…. Could you possibly guide me in the right direction?

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