A 30,000-Foot View

I had a family emergency this week and had to quickly book a flight to get back home. I had a few extra hours to myself sealed in a tube with 100 other people and a stable Wi-Fi connection. I pulled out the stowed-away Galactic Unicorn by Pimoroni development board from my bag, opened Thonny MicroPython IDE, and started programming. This has always been my distraction. Hunched over a keyboard, stringing code fragments together, and trying to make something do something. Life doesn’t work like this.

Programing a Pimoroni Galactic Unicorn

Our pilot mentioned that we reached a cruising altitude of over 30,000 feet. This prompted me to think of the expression, “30,000-foot view”. It’s a business cliche to be sure, but it’s chiefly an English unit one. 30,000 feet is about 9.1 kilometers. I have never heard anyone say, “Let’s take a 9.1-kilometer view of this business plan.” This is far as I want to go on the phrase a 30,000-foot view. I wanted to keep it at a high level, just cover the mountain tops.

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